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PicoFLS-40 is a low cost miniature CHIRP FM multibeam forward look imaging sonar (FLS). PicoFLS-40 is ideally suited to mine countermeasures, surveillance and reconnaissance, near-nadir gap filling, underwater navigation and pipeline surveying. PicoFLS-40 features rugged fully encapsulated transducers and stainless steel electronics bottle. All digital signal processing is performed within the sonar allowing a direct connection from the sonar to the users computer via Ethernet or Androidtm smartphone/tablet via WiFi. No deck unit or rack-mounted hardware is required. Androidtm and Windowstm GUIs are provided for real-time display and recording.

Unlike other sonars in this class, the latest generation of PicoFLS-40 sonars feature bathymetry staves enabling concurrent forward look imaging and bathymetry. In addition to conventional digital signal processing, all of our sonars run DPCA micro-nav algorithms. On stable platforms our DPCA micro-nav enables precise underwater navigation.





PicoFLS-40 Data Format

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